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Hey im Gail! I am your total girly girl loving all things pink and smellling nice! I am totally addicted to makeup MAC being my fav! I am also a big lover of victoria secrets lotions and potions and of course i can't live with out lush! I am going to get my act together and get my blog sorted! Mucho luv x x♥

17 February 2010

L'Oreal primer

Since my first visit to the MAC counter I have used a primer under my make up and tend to find that my make up doesn't go on properly unless I use it! However I decided to try something other than macs primer for a wee change and ended up at the L'Oreal Studio Secrets counter ( you will usually find it in a different location to your usual L'Oreal counter) .

This is the primer I picked up,

This primer is the anti-shine one as I can be prone to shiny skin. I find the feel of this primer on my skin amazing as it's so soft and smooth thus helping you get a very even finish to your foundation. I also find that I use less foundation as it spreads very easily and an extra bonus I have reduced the amount of times that I top up my make up. Your foundation sticks to it really well without clumping ( my b/f laughs at me as I call my primer my foundation glue )and I cannot stress how even it looks .

What I also love about this range is that they have loads of primers for different types of skin, including a primer for dull skin and skin that is prone to redness. The list doesn't end there so hopefully there is a primer that will suit your skin type. I purchased my primer from boots as they have a special offer on it saving you £2 so it's only costing you £7.99.Well worth the money i think! Hopefully it will work as well for you. much luv ♥

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