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Hey im Gail! I am your total girly girl loving all things pink and smellling nice! I am totally addicted to makeup MAC being my fav! I am also a big lover of victoria secrets lotions and potions and of course i can't live with out lush! I am going to get my act together and get my blog sorted! Mucho luv x x♥

10 February 2010

My weekly lush visit!

The other day i decided to do my usual nosey around lush and decided to finally give into curiosity and try the shampoo bars! As usual i ended up walking away with more than i had intended to buy ! After buying a few bath melts for my mum and couple of girls in my work i asked the girl in the shop to explain a few of the shampoos to me. I ended up with seanik and ultimate shine.

The bars above are the ultimate shine bars. These bars are for making your hair really soft and shiny and they also make your hair smell really good. I was a little bit confused as to how to use them however I was told to rub the bar in my hands (like a bar of soap) and to my amazement within seconds there was a creamy thick lather in my hands. When applying it to my hair the smell was amazing with one of the ingredients being ylang ylang. After rinsing and drying my hair it felt squeaky clean which was amazing as I use quite a lot of products in my hair and not all shampoos give me this clean feeling. It felt as though all the gunk that was in my hair was gone and all I was left with was squeaky clean, super soft and super shiny hair. Brilliant!

The picture above is the Seanik bars. These bars are intended for really big volume hair and also to make your hair smooth. The ingredients in this bar are seaweed and sea salt there is also lemon juice in them to give your hair a nice smell and to make it shiny! After my mum trying this bar she confirmed that just like the ultimate shine bar it makes your hair shiny and product free, however when you lather the bar in your hands its quite rough due to the salt. After drying her hair she found that her hair did have body in it however she did have to use products in order to get the volume she was after.

From the feedback my mum gave me in comparison to mine i would say that I could definitely recommend the ultimate shine bar. However after I use this bar I will be trying other ones to see which one suits my hair the best. Just a reminder if you do buy the shampoo bars to take them out of the shower so that they last you longer and don't melt away!

Also on my travels i picked up the valentine limited edition mushroom.

These magic little red and white mushrooms smell amazing. The scent of strawberry and vanilla is so girly and relaxing. After popping it in the bath it slowly melted away leaving my bath water bright red with white bubbles floating on the top the smell was so amazing I couldn't wait to sink into the bath and enjoy the aroma. I was slightly scared that my skin or my bath may turn red but after draining the water i found that neither of the above happened and all I was left with was silky soft skin. All I can say is stock up on them As they are only a valentines special! x x x

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