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Hey im Gail! I am your total girly girl loving all things pink and smellling nice! I am totally addicted to makeup MAC being my fav! I am also a big lover of victoria secrets lotions and potions and of course i can't live with out lush! I am going to get my act together and get my blog sorted! Mucho luv x x♥

4 February 2010

Coralista crush!

I recently discovered that I have a crush on benefits Coralista blush! I have been using this product since it came out and instantly loved its natural pink colour. I find that this blush goes on really easily and adds a slight highlight to your cheeks with its subtle shimmer. What i also love about this product is it's smell. Yes I know you may not smell anything when you open the box however when you brush it along your cheeks you get a faint smell of sweeties, an added bonus to your purchase. I can truly recommend this product and hope that you enjoy it as much as I do.

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  1. I bagged a bargin with this one on ebay today... £13 with free delivery! I've been contimplating buying it for ages, as soon as you said it smelled of sweets it tipped me over the edge!


    Jen xx