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Hey im Gail! I am your total girly girl loving all things pink and smellling nice! I am totally addicted to makeup MAC being my fav! I am also a big lover of victoria secrets lotions and potions and of course i can't live with out lush! I am going to get my act together and get my blog sorted! Mucho luv x x♥

29 January 2010

Beauty Rush ♥

One of my fav things about going to America is my visits into victoria's secret (the beauty section that is). They have an amazing range of perfumes, moisturisers make up body sprays ect... anything you would probably find in the bodyshop although i think victoria's secret is just that we bit better as there is more selection!

They have loads of different ranges and scents and my fav has to be the beauty rush range!Here are a few of my fav moisturisers!

These 2 little pots are the body souffle moisture cream in juiced berry and coconut craze.They are a very light weight moisturiser that leave your skin feeling hydrated with a healthy glow Juiced berry is very sweet and fruity ( my b/f tends to say I smell like sweeties when i wear it). The coconut one smells like a bounty bar minus the chocolate.

This moisturiser is the body glimmer swirl cream in appletini. The best way to describe this scent is the DKNY be delicious perfume. This product is brilliant if your going on a night out or if you feel like just adding a bit of sparkle.It also has vitamin E and shea butter in it making your skin ultra smooth. The sparkle is not very heavy so its perfect for adding that subtle shimmer. I'm afraid i don't have any pictures of it on my skin it wasn't showing up very well!

Next on my list is my body drink lotion in Honey Do. Apart from stating the obvious it does smell like honey although there is a hint of melon in it. This moisturiser is amazing and during these cold months my skin has been very thankful to the amazing conditioners in it.There is nothing better than having supersoft skin! This bottle is in the picture at the top, it's the tall pale green one!

For those of you who don't really have time to moisturise like myself when i'm running late for work I tend to use this...

This is body double mist in Juiced berry (Can you tell its my favourite scent?) This is a quick and easy way to moisturise and get your skin smelling great! When the bottle has been sitting for a while you can see the two liquids separate inside all you need to do is give it a shake spray it on and rub in gentle, Easy as 1..,2..,3.. and your skin will feel great and you will smell gorgeous!

Finally I'm going to talk about my lip gloss collection! ( I have a small army of these)....

The 5 that you see above are my favourites and i have loads of the same colours I will start from left to right,

♥ Hot Cocoanut- This is a sort a brown colour with a lot of gold sparkle through it and yeah you guessed it it smells like chocolate with a hint of coconut.

♥Slice of heaven- This gloss smells what i can only describe as a vanilla cake really sweet and smells good enough to eat

♥ Bubble it up- This one is Amazing! Yes its smells like hubba bubba its absolutely delicious and has a cute girly pink shimmer through it.

♥ I want candy- I think this one smells like starburst ( Opal fruits as i like to call them) This one doesn't really have a shimmer through it its mostly just a nice rose glow to your lips.

♥ Tropical- This one i think smells like play dough or how i remember it to smell when i was a child! I personally don't think this one smells like you think it would although it is still nice. Out of all the glosses this one gives you the most colour giving you quite a deep pink shade on you lips.

I feel that most of the glosses don't really have a lot of colour to them however if you are looking for a natural shine with a slight hint of colour these are for you.Apart from smelling amazing they last quite a long time

Anyway That's all i have left on my beauty rush collection all of there beauty rush collection can be found on the Victoria's secret website, hope this was helpful. Mucho luv x x ♥

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  1. Great post sweetie!!
    Iv got to get myself some beauty rush!!!
    Luv xXx