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Hey im Gail! I am your total girly girl loving all things pink and smellling nice! I am totally addicted to makeup MAC being my fav! I am also a big lover of victoria secrets lotions and potions and of course i can't live with out lush! I am going to get my act together and get my blog sorted! Mucho luv x x♥

9 January 2010

Primark Shoes!

Is it just me or is Primark shoes getting more amazing everyday?!?!?!?!

Take a look at these gorg shoes..............

I got these fab shoes a few weeks ago and they only cost £25!

They come in a few other fantastic colours including pink and black! The colour on the photo isn't very good but they actually are a dark purple colour and not blue. The shoes themselves are quite high with a peep toe and are perfect for a any outfit.

Howvere the first time i wore them they hurt a little at the front but slacken off after a few wears.

No pain no gain I always say! xx

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